Use Yoga to Rock Your Abs

I love Yoga. I love that you can do Yoga anytime, anywhere, and without a lot of equipment. I love the way Yoga makes my body look and feel. Last night, I taught a free Yoga Class for my community outside at a local park. We had such great weather for it! Not too hot or humid. I also love that my community hosted an event that wasn't centered around fried food! Go Corbin, Kentucky! photo (24) In my Yoga class, we did a section of poses to work the abs, and I wanted to share those with you today! I have put together five great Yoga poses to help you rock your abs...anytime, anywhere. Enjoy! Plank Pose Plank Pose is such a great pose! It is a weight bearing pose, which I love, because it helps build bone mass. That is especially important for women, to help prevent osteoporosis. Remember, you can always modify Plank Pose by dropping your knees to the ground. Just make sure your body is in a straight line. Side Plank Next we open up to Side Plank. We are continuing our abs workout with another weight bearing pose. Remember to do Side Plank on each side. Boat Pose Our next pose is Boat Pose. To get maximum benefit for your abs, hold your arms out straight. Let your abs do all the work to keep your legs lifted. photo (21) We come now to Wind Relieving Pose. While this pose is known for massaging your internal organs and aiding your digestion, Wind Relieving Pose is also a great abdominal workout. Legs up the Wall In our final pose, Legs Ups the Wall Pose, we take away the wall. This allows you to really use your abs to hold your legs up and get some really great abdominal work. Hold each pose for 5-6 deep breaths and remember to keep your abs engaged the whole time. Once you've finished this sequence, HIIT it again!

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