Are You Using The Right Deodorant/Antiperspirant?

Yes, there is a right kind for your body. Before we get started, let's have a look at the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant: "Antiperspirants are over-the-counter deodorants that contain FDA-monograph-approved ingredients that interact with the sweat glands to help stop perspiration,” explains cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. “Deodorants are products that work to mask underarm odor. They often contain a fragrance or perfume, along with an active ingredient called triclosan that is commonly used and works to prevent bacteria from growing, which in turn helps prevent odor.”  Deodorants do not prevent wetness, however antiperspirants do. Application options generally come do to preference.


10278705 The most commonly used type of deodorant. Goes on dry and is solid white. The downside is that some formulas can leave nasty white marks all over your clothes.


degree-deodorant Spray form can be limited in terms of the level of active ingredients that it can support. However once applied, it feels instantly dry to the touch, doesn't transfer to clothes, and keeps you dry even after a super sweaty HIIT workout.


soapwalla Many people have doubts about this formula’s sweat-wicking capabilities. Certain brands can be sodium laurel-sulfate and aluminum zirconium-free, which makes it a good choice for pregnant women and anyone looking to go more natural without going au naturel.

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