Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Yoga Lovers

Hey there Body Rockers! Here is a quick Valentine's Day gift guide for the yoga lovers in your life. Trust me when I tell you that they will be extremely impressed with you if you happen to get one of these awesome gifts for them. Of course they will love you regardless, but don't you want to show them that you really do pay attention to what they are passionate about ? ;) Without further ado: 1. Spirtual Gangster's 'Yin Yang Floral Crop Tank Moonbeam', $42. This crop top will have your yoga honey ready to bring in the Spring! Spiritual Gangster has a pretty good reputation in the yoga community and touts itself as a clothing company that walks the line between ancient and modern yoga. You can't go wrong with a gift from them! 1   2. Liforme 'Yoga Mat', $140. Mover over Manduka, there is a new boss in town! I have one word for these mats, and I am not ashamed to use it, LEGIT. These mats are designed by yogis and marked with their AlignForMe system that is a great navigational tool for new and seasoned yogis. The AlignForMe system helps yogis know where to place their feet during their asanas, which is especially helpful if you practice at home. 1 3. DYW 'Dharma Yoga Wheel PVC', $90. The Dharma Yoga Wheel is a one-of-a-kind product that helps yogis open their chest and stretch their spine. It will help your yogi take their practice to the next level! 2 4. ALO Yoga's 'Goddess Ribbed Leggings', $94.  Ok, these are some pretty special yoga leggings, they aren't your typical spandex. These leggings in particular are patent pending because they include awesome slimming features and are made for performance. Whether you are practicing at home, in class, or braving the outdoors--they will work for you! 2   5. Bohemian Island's 'Spring Stripes Harem Yoga Pants', $27.50. Harem pants are all the rage in the yoga community these days, and these pants are no exception. Bohemian Island not only makes great pants (I happen to own 4 pair myself) but they have a great mission; they donate 10% of all proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation, which helps support the large stray animal population in Phuket, Thailand. 3 6. MalaBella Jewelry's 'Midnight Coral, Sandy Dreams Collection', $89. A Valentine's gift guide wouldn't be complete without jewelry. This Mala beaded necklace is made of Rosewood, Coral, Jade, and Cherry quarts. Perfect for the yogi who loves to meditate! 3  

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