Valentine's Day Partner Workout

Valentine's Day has finally arrived and we're calling on you to celebrate in a slightly different way! Whether you and your sweetie are planning to hit the town or looking to spend a quiet night at home, why not get your sweat on first? Working out together is not just good for your physical health, it's also good for the health of your relationship!

Studies have found that after participating together in challenging physical activity, couples report feeling happier and more connected in their relationship. Furthermore, you're more likely to reach your goals if your partner in life is on board with you. Healthy habits can be contagious. If you've been skipping your workouts in favor of spending time with your guy or gal, than why not combine the two and hit the gym together? Working out together just makes sense when you really start to look at it!


And, remember, regular exercise can improve your confidence and sex life! You will feel better and you'll gain in strength and endurance. But the benefits don't stop there! Exercise and physical activity can help a woman feel primed for sex by boosting blood flow and increasing her sensitivity to touch while men experience increased sexual function and stronger orgasms.

Need we say more? At BodyRock, we want you to have a happy and healthy Valentine's Day and so we tapped Sean and Lisa for some of their favorite partner moves! They've put together a short, 4 move, workout that will get you primed for date night! To do this workout you will need your weighted vest and/or a medium weight plate or dumbbell.


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Do each move for 20 reps and then switch positions.

#1 Squat and Press

Stand with your backs facing and enough distance between you so that when you squat only your butts are touching. One of you should have a weight held in both hands. Drop into a squat at the same time, keeping your back straight and your knees behind your toes. When you get to the bottom of the squat, pass the weight between your legs to your partner. Drive back up to standing, engaging your abs. The partner with the weight should press it high over head and from there, pass it back to the partner originally holding the weight. Repeat. Do 20 reps and then switch places.

#2 Double Jump

One partner begins on the floor in plank position with elbows under the shoulders. The other partner stands behind in a low jack position. From here, both partners will, in unison, jack their feet out to the side, then bring them back in to center. That's one rep. Do for 20 reps, mixing up the pace and then switch places.

#3 Wheelbarrow with Squat

One partner starts on the floor in a push up position while the other partner stands in between their legs, holding their ankles. The partner on the floor contracts their abs and performs a push up. Once the push up is complete, the standing partner drops into a squat. Remember, in both positions, to keep a flat back. Do for 20 reps and then switch places.

#4 Tricep Extension and Leg Raise

One partner begins by lying flat on their back. The other partner should remain standing, near their partner's head, feet shoulder width apart and a weight held with both hands. The standing partner should lift the weight overhead until arms are extended, then, keeping the elbows in close, lower the weight behind the head. The partner on the floor brings their feet up and toward the standing partner. The standing partner brings the weight back up overhead, lowering it in front and places it between the feet of the partner on the floor. Using the abs, the partner on the floor slowly lowers the legs back toward the floor then slowly back up, passing the weight back to the standing partner.

Do for 20 reps and then switch places. When you're done this workout, why not continue the love and romance with a quiet night at home? Whip up one of these delicious, healthy, protein packed meals for two, light some candles and just enjoy one another's company. And of course, if you have anything left in the tank after your workout, try mixing things up between the sheets with one (or all!) of these saucy moves! Do you workout with your partner? What are your favorite moves?

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