Veet's Offensive Campaign

According to an ad campaign by Veet with the tagline “Don’t Risk Dudeness” women are actually men if they don’t get rid of their leg hairs. As you can expect there was a pretty big blow-back of hate. The campaign was developed by women. Oooooh, okay then, no harm no foul, totally okay to spread the message that women’s bodies in their natural state are unacceptable then. (Please note my sarcasm). I think as a society we realize that leg hair isn’t considered the most attractive thing. Women are aware that we are expected to spend a lot of time and money removing our body hair, so thanks Veet for reinforcing that standard – I really appreciate having that message shoved down my throat. veet2 Veet has also been known called out for past campaigns on being racist, transphobic, and hating on men. I am not sure if their publicity team is just playing a huge joke on the rest of the company, but it’s almost comedic at how offensive Veet has managed to make their ads. I’m personally a waxing/sugaring type of gal, so in the winter I let my leg hair grow wild and free for a bit. I refer to it as MK’s enchanted forest, and like to imagine tiny gnomes frolicking joyfully among my leg hairs. Guess that makes me a bearded dude; it’s cool that I can change my gender by merely allowing my body to perform a natural function like hair growth. veet4 PS (and I can’t speak for anyone else’s Veet use) I had a massive bad skin reaction the only time I’ve ever used Veet, which made my skin burn with the wrath of a thousand suns, and I refuse to go back – so yes, reeeeeally not a Veet fan, definitely sticking to sugaring.      

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