Vegan Bodybuilders: How They Beef Up Without Meat

When you think of how a bodybuilder gets totally ripped, you probably envision them eating plates and plates of meat and eggs. Protein-loading, right? But a new breed of plant-based bodybuilders are taking over, and they say that eating meat is for wimps. "I wanted to prove that a body can be powered by and built on nothing but cruelty free, plant based foods." explains 31-year-old Erin Fergus, a vegan heavyweight bodybuilding competitor. "There’s certainly no need to eat meat to build muscle! An athletic career can be fuelled through intelligent nutrition on a plant-based lifestyle." vegan body builder Nutritionists agree that protein sources don't need to be animal-based to provide incredible results. Vegan protein powders are becoming more and more prevalent on the market, adding additional bulk to an already muscle-building diet. Gone are the days when vegetarians and vegans were thought to be 'under-nourished' by their eating plans. Most vegan bodybuilders consume a lot of berries, rice cakes, tofu, green beans, lentils, nut butters and almond milk along with their favourite vegan protein powder. fitness muscle building diet 25-year-old Max Seabrook is a totally buff vegan fitness fanatic who says eliminating animal products was the best decision of his life. "No living being should have to suffer for me to reach my goals." Erin adds, reinforcing why she, and so many other vegan bodybuilders are so passionate about sticking to their diets. What are your thoughts? Are you a vegetarian/vegan or a carnivore? Source: Daily Mail  


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