Vegan Winter Soup

Hi BodyRockers,
Check out this recipe from BodyRocker Becky Soch ''By far, the BEST cozy, soul warming, delicious and healthy soup ever!! It's even Vegan!''
. Ingredients: 4 cups carrot juice 2 cups water 3-4 celery sticks chopped 2 large carrots chopped 3 leeks chopped ( make sure to soak in water well or your soup will be 'grainy' from sand 1 head of cauliflower chopped 2-3 garlic cloves Vegetable seasoning ( as per your taste) . Directions: Put the above ingredients into a Large Pot. 1470358_10152018720245664_358591485_n Boil until all vegetables are soft. . 1476581_10152018720310664_474848280_n Right before you purée add a small handful of cashews (yes cashews! It's so good!!) (Don't add too much though or that is all you will taste.) . Purée until all lumps are gone. 1463436_10152018720360664_1765044599_n . You can service this over a handful of spinach in a bowl, or just the soup. I add cayenne pepper and franks red hot sauce for a kick 1466194_10152018720405664_204938950_n . TA-DAAAAA … Warms your soul and fills you up!!! 1465366_10152018720470664_1487426969_n Makes a huge pot and freezes well & perfect to take to work or the week :) ...

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