Vegas Cabbie Finds $300K In His Cab...Returns It.

I love these, "Chivalry Isn't Dead" articles.  Chivalry extends far beyond the way in which a man treats a woman, its defined as: 'the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.'  This story from Christmas Eve is one such story.  To be honest this cab driver could have been a medieval knight-how many people would make the choice he did without a second thought?
Gerardo Gamboa is the taxi driver.  Early one Monday morning he picked up a fare at a Vegas casino who had had a successful night of gambling.  After noticing the bag after picking up another fare, Gerardo looked inside at a traffic light and his next thought was to call his supervisor.  The well known gambler who to whom the money belonged thanked Gerardo, took down his contact information, and promised to reward him at a later date.  But Gerardo told reporters that he didn't care for a reward for doing the right thing.  His company was so pleased that they gave him a $1,000 bonus, a dinner out for two, and named him the company's driver of the year. images So often the bleak outlook of the world is enough to send most running for the hills, convinced that there isn't any common decency to be found anymore.  It's frustrating.  But there are people, still, who are willing to do the right thing...who don't consider doing anything BUT the right thing.


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