Vegetables That Can Kill Stomach Fat In Just One Week

No one likes carrying around extra belly fat. No one. But, what you eat -- and not so much the number of crunches you can do, determines the size of your belly. If you are looking to get toned in the middle, do yourself a favour and start incorporating these fat burning veggies! These vegetables are high in minerals, vitamins and in many cases fiber. Read the list, then head to the supermarket!

1. Chillies

A recent Canadian study found that a chemical contained in chillies can not only help to curb your appetite but can boost your body's ability to burn fat.

2. Green Pepper

Green peppers, and other members of the capsicum genus (in the nightshade family) help to boost metabolism which can lead to an increased burning of belly fat.

3. Onions

Onions are low in calories which makes them a great food to add to your diet. Grilled, sauteed or roasted, onions are a perfect way to flavour your dishes.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is a water based vegetable that helps you to curb hunger. When feeling peckish, have some cucumber slices and a glass of water. You will feel satiated with a very small calorie hit. What's more, all the fluid you've taken in in the vegetable and your glass of water will help you flush toxins.

5. Leafy Greens

Spinach, cabbage and broccoli are a great way to fill yourself up. These foods not only provide bulky fiber to your diet, they also give you many essential vitamins and minerals!

6. Pumpkin

Not just for pies or carving, pumpkin gives you a great hit of vitamin C which will keep your energy levels high, preventing the inactivity that can lead to weight gain.

7. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain vitamin C and calcium. When taken together, these two elements are great for combating fat around the middle.

8. Beans

Beans provide a great hit of fiber, protein and in some cases, iron. The best way to incorporate beans is to add them to salads. You won't even know they are there!

9. Carrots

Carrots make a great raw snack. Loaded with beta-carotene and fiber, your body will thank you!

10. Celery

Not unlike cucumber, celery is made up of mostly water and packs an incredibly small calorie hit. This combination makes celery a perfect food if you are trying to lose weight. Did your favourite veggies make the list? Are you an 'eat them raw' person or do you have a favourite recipe?

Source: BoldSky


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Miky March 27, 2020

Great list, I’m going to start eat more healthy food. Also can check food information here
I love tomatoes)))

Helen January 31, 2020

I’m trying all the veggies

Donna J Hahn December 16, 2019

I love cucumber and carrat

sana August 23, 2019

is there any fruit to loose the belly fat

sarah riaz June 26, 2019

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