VICE Uses The Power of Basketball and Teamwork To Visit North Korea

North Korea is one of the most baffling countries in the world. It's notion of complete seclusion of their people and almost "home-schooled" effect on them is astounding, and at times unsettling, as well as their rumoured living conditions. The  country has been known to have wide spread power loss, and the inability to sufficiently feed it's population. With recent news of North Korea testing nuclear arms, things have become increasingly tense in global affairs. Even before all that, it was virtually impossible for anyone to visit and see the country for yourself. Unless you play basketball. VICE, known for their immersive journalism, visited North Korea in 2008 and filmed a 3 part series what it was like to be a special visitor , and received the grand erie tour of the nation and it's "must see locations". All neatly, and forcefully curated of course. Naturally it would have been hard for them to be as successful getting there a second time using the same tactic. Utilizing the Harlem Globetrotters as American ambassadors, VICE was able to make a second trip to see what the country is like now that Kim Jong Il has passed away, and now is under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. In this half an hour doc, you get terrific insight into this mysterious country from an investigative experience. It also shows interesting human interaction between citizens of two countries that are at uneasy terms with each other, connecting through the mutual love of a sport. I personally feel like the opening shot is enough to hook anyone, regardless this short HBO doc is a must see.  

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