Victoria Secret's Sexy Sports Bra

Last year, Victoria Secret decided to launch a line of “sexy” sports bras in order to combat the “uni-boob” that so many other sports bras create. Rather than focus on functionality, VS decided that women are so concerned with looking sexy at the gym that this should trump comfort and support. Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.07.08 PM Jezebel writes a scathing review of these “sexy” sports bras, and the writer pretty much hits the nail on the head in her response to VS’s concerns, as well as when it comes to what I personally look for in a sports bra:
“you know what my main problem is vis-à-vis my boobs and exercising? Strapping them the f*ck down so I can go faster, or lift more, or do whatever I need to do without my pockets of chest fat from getting in the way. I literally do not give half a jiggling f*ck about looking sexy. High impact exercise is not the time to look sexy. Jesus Heaving Christ.”
[caption id="attachment_47631" align="alignnone" width="404"]A bra within her bra… bra-ception. A bra within her bra… bra-ception.[/caption] I just have one question: will they keep my girls on lockdown when I’m working out? If they can do that, then I don’t particularly care if they’re sexy or not – if they work then they work. After reading the article I went to the Victoria Secret site and looked at some of the sports bras offered, some of them look pretty comfortable, and not a bad price with the 2/$50 deal. I don’t think Victoria Secret messed up when they decided to make a sports bra, I just think they were way off the mark on how to market them.

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