My Vino Vinyasa Vacation

Earlier this month I went on my very first yoga retreat, hosted by Power Yoga Canada. It was a short weekend retreat up at Cleveland’s House in Muskoka, and although I could probably have stayed for the whole week (or two, or three) what I got out of my short time there was amazing. I could probably wax on about the trip, and yoga’s benefits, and get super mushy and cheesy, so instead here are the highlights:
  • I did not one, but TWO handstands. I cannot even express how empowering that feels especially for someone who is terrified to go upside down.
  • I really went for it with the rest of my practice too. I managed to hold crow for 10 seconds, a personal best (before falling on my face) and I came the closest I ever have to doing bird of paradise.
  • The theme of the week was “intention to action” – which meant awesome actual doable work. It’s great to say: “I want to be closer with my family” or “I want to have more energy”, but what does that look like for you? What actions are you going to do to achieve those desires?
  • I went there knowing absolutely no one, ended up carpooling with the coolest yogi who had tons of stories about the last retreat she went on, roomed with another woman who had just started doing power yoga, who’s first reaction to meeting me was basically “well, glad you’re not a serial killer”(EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING), and had awesome dinner time conversations with people from all over the province.
  • One of the facilitators never said “but” – he always said “and”. It’s quite literally taking a negative term and presenting it in a positive way instead. I don’t know if he even noticed he was doing it, but and word nerd that I am, I definitely noticed.
  • The studio was UNREAL. It’s in a boathouse, so you are quite literally floating on water while practicing.
Plus, who would want to leave sipping white wine at a lakeside resort after a full day of yoga? Namaste right here. [caption id="attachment_49500" align="alignnone" width="611"]View from my mat View from my mat[/caption]  

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