Vintage Sexism

I always find articles or advertisements either aimed at, or about women, from the 1940s hilarious. Here’s one that I recently came across, which details things that men don’t like about women in the workplace: vinatgewomenintheoffice The page comes from a 1945 dating advice book by Thomas D. Horton simply called “What Men Don’t Like About Women”. The book is incredibly specific, and is meant to be instructional (I think?) but ends up as a long rant about women. vintage_ad Some of those items don’t even really make sense to me; “assumptions with regards to lunch”? What does that mean? So, ladies, if you ever display strange gratitude or a lack of shame in the workplace, just know, men hate that. As well as a lot of other things you do, apparently. vintagesexism As often as stories pop up about the need for equality in the workplace (and in general) it is nice to put it in perspective by reading something like this. Yes, we may still get paid less than men in certain industries, and we have to face a few discriminations because of our gender, but at least a book that complains about our “initial impoliteness” and “dull stories” would never get published in this day and age, and if it did it would be laughed off the market.

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