Viral Sensation Miserable Solo-Vacation Man Finally Got To Take His Wife On A Trip

33-year-old Kevin Blandford of Louisville, Kentucky, was the lucky winner of a trip to Puerto Rico. That being said, he wasn't able to bring his wife! After posting a series of photos showing how miserable it was to go on vacation without his wife, he became a viral sensation. While his wife was home taking care of their baby, he captioned his gallery "Won a trip to Puerto Rico and couldn't take my wife. Didn't have a single second of fun,"

Now, the family man has taken to Imgur again, this time posting a series of before and after photos comparing his previous vacation with his most recent one ( that he also won - can we have his luck please?). "Won another trip to Puerto Rico, but this time with my wife. Had many seconds of fun," We love these!

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