Could Visiting Your Chiropractor Improve Your Sex Life?

Sex doesn't exactly come to mind when you think about getting your back cracked (unless your chiro is super sexy, in which case - number please). However, visiting your chiro may just relieve pressure in the right way to allow your nervous system to relax and, well, go at it.

Let's delve in to this a little more. Every function in your body is controlled from the nervous system. When vertebra are off position—known as a subluxation—the nerves traveling between your brain and your muscles can become blocked. This inhibits your body’s ability to function as it needs to. Since they cause pain and have a direct link to sensation and feeling, every chiropractor's goal is to remove these subluxations.

These adjustments help more than just back pain. The lumbar region (your lower back) is a hub for the nerves that extend into your reproductive regions. Removing lumbar subluxations can improve nerve flow to your sexual organs.

Adjustments also allow your organs to send messages to the brain more easily. This means that not only do you become physically aroused faster, but your brain also registers that lets-do-this heightened sense of pleasure more quickly. This means you move past the mental obstacles that may be keeping you from orgasming.

The other sex life adjustment? Right below your brain stem, around the vertebrae known as C1 and C2. Libido and fertility require a balance of estrogen, progesterone, and other hormones. Lots of these are released in the upper cervical and neck area. If there are any blockages right out of the brain, this will effect all the way down your spine.

On top of that, even your fertility is affected by the nerves and hormones coming out of the spine, as they control your reproductive cycle.

Oh - and it helps range of motion. You're welcome.

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