Visualization May Be The Key To Your Weight Loss Success

Sometimes when you are on a weight loss journey, you can lose sight of where it is you want to go. So much time is spent wrapped up in weight measurements, inches and calorie counts that you can forget about the body goals that got you started in the first place. Being able to visualize and see where you want to go may be just the thing to get you there.  Sometimes, visualization can create wonderful little tricks you can use to make your workout seem easier. Both things certainly worked for Mylene Biddle.

See your way to success

The 5'2" 28 year old managed to lose 35 pounds, going from 165 pounds to 130 pounds, using visualization techniques. When things got tough at the gym, it helped push her through. "If I literally feel like I can't do one more rep of a difficult exercise, I think of pro bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman's saying, 'Ain't nothing but a peanut!' and envision the weight as a tiny peanut," she laughs. "And then I lift it." When not tricking herself into lifting, Biddle was visualizing the tight, toned body parts she was working toward. Mylene-Biddle "I'd see a nice biceps bulge, some well-defined lats and rock-hard glutes during my workouts," she says. By keeping these goals at the front her mind, she was able to push herself harder. Now, Biddle says, "knowing I am a strong woman keeps me motivated." [bctt tweet="Visualization May Be The Key To Your Weight Loss Success"]

Want to get buff like Biddle?

Biddle trains 6 days a week. She starts each workout with cardio and divides her strength training as follows: Monday: Legs Tuesday: Shoulders Wednesday: Back & biceps Thursday: Legs & glutes Friday: Chest, triceps & abs Saturday: Shoulders & calves Sunday: REST If you want to pump up Biddle's workout plan, we can show you how in just 10-12 minutes a day! The BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp Challenge is a 30 day plan designed for, you guessed it, beginners. Whether you are someone who's never once lifted a finger to exercise or a gym rat turned couch potato, this is the perfect program for you. The time for excuses has passed. Start your transformation today and sign up for FREE here! What do you think? Can you "see" this training method working for you? Do you already use visualization? Tell us how it works for you! Source: Oxygen Magazine

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