These Wacky Habits Could Improve Your Life

Meagan Lopez over at Elite Daily is not just thinking outside the box, she's practically left the building. But she's come up with a great list of ways to get healthier by getting a little weird. 1. Whisper sweet nothings to your cellulite. Taking time out from trash talking your body is the first step to loving it enough to put in the hard work necessary to improve it. According to a study published by the Psychology of Women Quarterly,  93 percent of college-aged women used self-shaming language. Not ok, ladies. Take a little time every day to speak sweetly to the parts of your body you actually want to change. It is you, now, so be kind. Now. 2. Give your tummy a rubdown. Before bed each night, take a few minutes to rub your hands together until they are warm and then massage your tummy in clockwise circles. In addition to relaxing your muscles, it can aid digestion and that will aid sleep. 3. Dump the junk. You have too much stuff. I am not peeking in your house right now, but I bet you do. If you haven't worn it in a year, toss it. Sign up for Freecycle and give things away. Go through your toiletries and makeup and create a box for a women's shelter of things you bought and never used. Have a tag sale with friends and use the money for a trip together. But get rid of the clutter. You will feel lighter and more focused as soon as you do. 4. Vogue. As in, strike a pose. A power pose. Any time you are about to face a vexing meeting or give a paper or presentation, find time to put on your best super hero. If you haven't seen Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk on body language, go now! But tell your muffin top it's cute first. Then tell us, if you dare, one of your secret kooky health, fitness, or life rituals!

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