From Waist Trainers to Foam Rollers: We Test Fitness Quick Fixes

We've all seen the infomercials. "Say goodbye to your baby belly with this waist trimmer!" "Blast away cellulite with this simple exercise!" The claims are impressive, and our consumer minds aren't too easily fooled. But we do buy into these gadgets every now and then, looking for a quick fix to our fitness woes. Here is the real scoop on these products and why "hard work" isn't included in the instructions.   Waist Trainers Kim K started the waist trainer trend. Her corset-like belly binder is supposed to cinch your stomach with some old fashioned, 18th century logic. But simply wrapping your waist will not shed pounds. According to research, even with hardcore burpees, cardio classes and intense push-ups, the waist trainer doesn't really do much good. And it's a heck of a lot more comfortable to workout sans corset! Foam Roller Foam rollers are all the rage with bodybuilders and powerlifters who attest to their muscular performance properties. The technique involves rolling the foam roller under-over muscles until a tender area is found, and applying pressure for 30 to 60 seconds on said area. It is also supposed to blast away unwanted cellulite. While, studies have shown there are benefits of foam rolling (such as increased range of motion), there is no sufficient evidence stating it dramatically increases muscle force or ignites muscle activation. In one test, a month of foam rolling had no impact on cellulite reduction. MealEnders Candy  These little candies claim to reduce your urge to overeat after a meal. By sucking on these dessert flavoured treats, your trigeminal nerve will be triggered sending a signal to your brain that says "No more food for me! I'm full!". While, these chocolate coated candies satisfy in the dessert area, they don't sufficiently reduce your cravings. At $15 a bag for 25 candies, you're better off drinking a glass of water after a meal to fill you up. Or giving your stomach a 10 minute window to digest (chances are you won't be as hungry afterwards). The bottom line: there is no magical, as seen on TV quick fix for getting in shape. And there is no avoiding a healthy diet and exercise as your go-to effective solution. Have you tried any of these products? What are some fitness quick fixes you want us to review?

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