Want a Flatter Tummy? 7 Foods to Avoid

We are all aware of the exercises that will give us tight and toned bellies. But, those exercises take time. What do you do if you need a flat tummy for this weekend's beach party (or any event where you want to look stunning)? You avoid the foods that make you bloat. Here are a list of 7 foods that should be axed from your menu until after you rock your svelte bod.


apple Apples (and bananas, cherries, peaches and pears) contain a sugar called fructose which is difficult for people to digest. Having one may be fine but if you consume more fructose than your body can digest, it will be broken down by fermentation. The bad news? Fermentation can cause gas and bloating in the large intestine. Apples and bananas contain a high amount of fructose so avoid them in the short term.

Canned Soup

Although a can of soup is a cheap and easy way to give your body a nice warm hug from the inside, it is loaded with sodium. Your body will try to dilute the sodium with water, leading to retention and that terrible distended, puffy feeling. If you can't live without the soup, look for a low sodium version.

Cruciferous Vegetables

brusslesprouts Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflower contain raffinose. Raffinose is yet another sugar that is difficult to digest and produces gas in the process. These foods are crazy good for you so you only avoid them for a few days.


original-dream-drink-a-cup-of-milk-everyday-time-2012-10-10-10-53-49-userid-1909 Lactose is contained in milk and being difficult to digest, it can cause a lot of turmoil in the tummy. If you have even a slight intolerance, lactose can make you gassy. The worst? Foamed milk. Foamed milk, like the kind in your latte, contains a killer combination of lactose and air bubbles and can lead to gas, belching and discomfort.


lentils Most of us know to stay away from baked beans when looking to avoid gas and bloating but you should also skip legumes like peas, lentils and edamame. Like cruciferous vegetables, legumes contain raffinose. And as you now know, raffinose is a major contributor to intestinal gas.


bread-crust-1 Wheat is not an easy food to digest. Gas is produced in the break down of wheat which makes many people feel swollen in the stomach. Worse still, refined white carbohydrates will spike your insulin levels which can lead to fat storage around your middle. So give gluten-free a try a few days prior to your event.


Heavy starches cause gas and water retention so taking a pass on potatoes is a good idea. DEFINITELY, avoid french fries. The high fat oils (never mind the high sodium), delay the stomach from emptying and that creates a full belly feeling. 14_Day_Nutrition_Guide_finaldraft_1024x1024 Check out our 14 Day Nutrition Plan - on sale now - and get results up to 80% faster by following our simple, easy to follow plan. On sale now for $9.95.   

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