If You Want To Get Some, Stop Texting "Hey" And Start Making Plans

Let's get the facts straight: in order to have actual, real, physical sex with someone, you need to be in the same room. Period. How can you make this happen? Text the person and request that they meet with you at a specific time, in a specific place. It really is that simple. Comedian, Aziz Ansari, recently gave an interview to the NYPost in regards to his new book Modern Romance, in which he makes some interesting and hilarious observations of modern dating culture. After conducting hundreds of interviews and sitting in on focus groups with NYU sociologist and co-author Eric Klinenberg, he observed this from the women in regards to their texts from guys:
“They said most of the texts are, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ ‘What are you up to?’ ‘Are you doing anything tonight?’ ” “I realized that inviting someone to a specific thing at a specific time — that made women’s vaginas explode in our interviews."
It just makes sense. Your odds of getting laid increase if you can entice the person into the same room at the same time. Even if you are only looking for a no strings attached, casual affair, you can't leave it up to fate. You can't be vague in your invitations and you can't walk around all day just hoping you'll run into each other. Make a plan, dammit! Everyone makes plans, why aren't you making them with your hook up hopeful? And don't just send a 'hey' and hope that's enough. It isn't. You will get trapped in some hellish back and forth that doesn't lead anyone anywhere. You will only end up frustrated or bored and cease texting. Small talk is fine when you are killing time waiting for the bus, not when you are hoping to get in someone's pants . Try to be clever. Please. Be funny. You can do it. I know it can be hard when you are first getting to know someone. You may not want to put yourself out there totally, which is fair. But the thing is, it will all become clear soon enough. If the person at the other end of the message wants to get to know you, they will respond and engage. But you have to show your interest too. You show interest by making plans. I always know someone is into me when they try to find time to see me. If you are really interested in being with someone (even if just for a moment), let your actions do the talking. If the other person is interested too, they will follow suit. We waste so much time on conversations that go in circles and to what end? If you really want something, go after it. Otherwise, let it die. We are on this planet only a short while, why waste it on dull, tedious boring conversation? h/t: Jezebel

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