Want to Avoid Gaining Weight? Implement These 5 Easy Tweaks

It's not always all about losing weight. Sometimes you're totally happy with your physique, but rather than focus on that feeling, you harp on how much you don't want to gain any weight. Whether you've just dropped some pounds or you're noticing it is harder to maintain, it's important to implement the right lifestyle choices to ensure you stay right where you want to be. It's also equally important not to hurt your brain over it! Try out these 5 easy tweaks that won't have your brain worried or working overtime trying to think of ways to stay in shape. 1. Get a bike. Biking is beneficial in so many ways. From getting fresh air and opening yourself up to new routes, to being kind to the environment, it's a great alternative to driving. And, of course, it burns more calories than getting in your car or hopping on the bus will. 2. Join an intramural sports team. "Many students who played sports in high school become slightly sedentary in college," notes Spencer Nadolsky, an obesity doctor. It's also a great way to meet new friends. 3. Pile your plate with veggies. "With your one plate, make sure there is a side of vegetables and a serving of lean protein: This will ensure satiety without excess calories. Of course you don’t have to skip out on your favorite starch, but fill up on the lower calories first," says Dr. Nadolsky. For lots of great veggie/protein meal combinations, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! 4. Set realistic workout goals. "Take the mindset of ‘a little is infinitely better than nothing.’ It goes a long way," Coach Armi Legge notes. Coach Kevin Dineen, a trainer at Structure Personal Fitness in New York says to break workouts up. "College kids enjoy the workout process and splitting it up helps minimize soreness." 5. Snack on apples and peanut butter, not ramen. While ramen may cost next to nothing, it's not only an unhealthy options filled with carbs and too much salt, but it won't keep you full for very long, so chances are you'll just end up buying more food anyway. Opt for snacks that will keep your tummy content, like apples which are high in fiber and Vitamin C, and peanut butter which is packed with healthy fat and protein. Do you have any additional lifestyle tweaks to add? Source: Elite Daily  

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