Want To Double Your Workout Performance? We Can Help!

If you are someone who works out by yourself, you are far from alone. Gyms, parks, and living rooms are full of people busting out solo sweat sessions. On the surface, this practice makes complete sense. You control everything from the actual workout moves to the duration and intensity. Not too shabby. But, what if we told you that adding a partner could take your performance levels to new heights? It has often been said that having a partner can increase your motivation. The simple act of setting a time to exercise with someone makes you more likely to show up. You wouldn't want to let that other person down, right? Well, we'd like you to partner up so your don't let  YOURSELF  down! Studies have found that when you have a workout partner, your motivation to work harder increases. In a study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine  divided participants into 3 groups. All 3 groups rode exercise bikes at a given percentage of their heart rate for a set amount of time. The first group was the control group and they worked out alone. The second group worked out with a single partner and the third, worked out with a single partner but was told that the results of the test were based on the partner with the weakest performance. unspecified The workout partners, it is worth noting, were virtual. The participants connected with their partners via Skype and could see them exercising on screen at the same time. The participants were told these partners were doing the work at the same time and could see them as well but what they were seeing was actually a recording. For the third group of participants, the recording was looped so that the partner always performed better than the participants. At the end of the test, the solo exercisers had managed to last 10.6 minutes on the bike before calling it quits. The second group lasted 19.8 minutes. That is a whopping 87% difference! The third group managed to hang on for 21.9 minutes! That's right, they managed to nearly double the solo exercisers! The researchers didn't just demonstrate the value of a workout partner during one workout session, they had a look at what a partner can do for motivation over the long term and found these results held. unspecified So, now that you know that having a workout partner can have a positive impact on your performance, you may be wondering where to find one? Well, this is where we come in! Let BodyRock be your partner! We have many real time workout programs to suit your fitness needs. With SweatFlix℠ you can get all your favorite BodyRock workouts any time and any place you want them. That's over 80 hours of workouts with new content being added all the time! Our hosts are here to help you reach your fitness goals. If you find it hard to keep yourself going, we understand and are here for you! What's more, when you start a BodyRock program, you not only get our support, you get the support of millions of other BodyRockers around the world. Anytime, day or night, you can hop on our Facebook page  and chat with people just like you. Let's do this together! What are you waiting for? Source: Breaking Muscle

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