Want To Get Fit In 2016? Start Today With These 8 Tips!

If you have already decided that 2016 will really be the year you lose weight and get fit, we can help you. We know this is probably the same resolution you have made, year after year. And this is probably the same resolution you have failed to keep, year after year. You aren't alone in this cycle, but it doesn't need to continue! Start now so that when 2016 does hit, you'll already be rolling! If you are serious about making a real, long term lifestyle change, you don't have to wait until the clock strikes midnight and 2016 begins, start now with these helpful tips:

get fit in 2016 by using these 8 tips

1. Set a realistic goal

This is where so many people fail before they even get started. You get yourself all excited about what your new body will look like and forget that it takes time. Not only that, the plan you have in mind may not even be possible for your body! Set yourself a goal that is reasonable and doable. Goals are no good if you can never, ever attain them! Set a goal of losing 20 pounds instead of 50, for example. If you are a size 10, don't aim to be a size 4 in a few months time. Once you've hit your goal, you will feel amazing and then you can start setting more goals! [bctt tweet="Want To Get Fit In 2016? Start Today With These 8 Tips!"]

2. Make sure you are eating enough

Don't skip meals or drastically restrict your calorie intake in an effort to lose weight. Eat smaller portion sizes, eat lots of fruits and veggies with lean protein, and always have a readily available healthy snack and some water on hand. This will keep you energized for your workouts as well as your busy lifestyle.

get fit in 2016 by using these 8 tips

3. Keep it fresh

Even if you aren't someone who regularly eats junk food, some of the pre-packaged "healthy" foods you are buying are anything but. "Low-fat" and "fat-free" foods, for example, are loaded with chemicals and extra sugars. Try and eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. When looking at packaged foods, look for things that have as few ingredients as possible.

4. Don't fool yourself when it comes to calories

While you may have been told otherwise, losing weight is not as easy as calories in, calories out. Don't think that just because you've had a great workout means you can eat whatever you want! Remember, the body of your dreams is made in the kitchen. Pay attention to what you are feeding yourself!

5. Hunger is different from craving

Before you sit down and gorge on something, ask yourself if you would still want to eat it if it were only an apple, raw carrots or a nice salad. It is also important to remember that thirst often masquerades as hunger, so make sure you are getting your 8-10 glasses of water a day. Before you eat anything, take time to check in with yourself and see what your body is really wanting.

6. Go for a run before binging

We know it is the holiday season and avoiding a binge session can be difficult. But, before you head off to your umpteenth party, jump on the treadmill and run for 10 minutes. According to studies from University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, a short, high-intensity workout can protect your heart from the damage of a high-fat meal while also guarding your brain against stroke. But again, as mentioned above, be careful about how much you allow yourself to eat. get fit in 2016 by using these 8 tips

7. Change up your workouts regularly

Mixing up your routine gets your mind and body out of a rut. Switch up your cardio and weight routines, get yourself outside whenever possible. A change of scenery never hurts anyone. Your muscles are incredible at adapting and won't have to work as hard if you keep doing the same exercises. Get the most from your workout by keeping your body guessing.

8. Enjoy yourself and know that setbacks are a part of the journey

Hitting a bump in the road is not a reason to give up. Would you sell your car because you got a flat tire? No, you'd address the issue and carry on. The same is true for your health and fitness goals. If something pops up (and it will), address it and move forward. Forgive yourself, if necessary. You are only human. But you are a determined human and there is nothing that can stop you! What do you plan to do next year to make your resolution stick? If you're new to fitness, start with the 30-day Beginner Bootcamp Challenge complete with a meal plan! Trainer Edith will guide you through 10-minutes workouts each and every day. If you've already mastered that program and are ready for something more challenging, sign up for The Daily HIIT Show by checking the 'workouts' box. Jacqui will work right along with you in these real-time, sweat inducing workouts. Let us help you find your inspiration, your motivation and, of course, your brand new body! Source: The Quint [caption id="attachment_123680" align="alignnone" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_123681" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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