Want To Shed Pounds? This May Be The Answer

While kelp has been a staple of Asian and European cuisine for years, it is only recently that it is starting to make its way into the rest of our diets. Now being compared to kale for its superfood powers, kelp may be the best thing for your diet! This nutritious sea vegetable, when eaten fresh or from frozen, has a very mild taste and avoids the fishy flavours found in this dried superfood. Adding some to an omelet, salad or smoothie boosts the nutritional value of your meals without altering the flavour.   [bctt tweet="Want To Shed Pounds? This May Be The Answer"] If weight loss is your ultimate goal, here are some kelp benefits you should keep in mind:
  1. Being deficient in iodine can have an impact on your metabolic functioning. In fact, it can slow you down by up to 50%. Kelp corrects this, increasing your metabolic function and prompting weight loss.
  2. Kelp is high in fiber so it can help keep you feeling full while aiding your digestion and helping regulate bowel function.
  3. Kelp contains minerals which have been shown to help break down belly fat and relieve water retention.
  4. Full of antioxidants, kelp helps neutralize the damage done by free radicals. This detoxification process encourages a balance in the entire body.
  5. Kelp contains alginate which is said to help in weight loss.
Want to add some kelp to your diet but don't know where to start? Try this fabulous (and healthy) Raw Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles recipe! You can thank us later! Are you ready to give green beauty a try? Are you already an eater of kelp? What are your favourite dishes? Source: Z Living Featured Image: @femalepage

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