Want to try Carrie Underwood's Healthy Breakfast? We do!

Carrie Underwood has gotten a lot of attention in the media for her fit and fabulous figure. Not only does the country star work out regularly to keep herself taught and toned, but she follows a healthy vegan diet to ensure she treats her body like a temple. To gear up for her busy days, whether it be in regards to her career or motherhood, Underwood has to make sure she eats a fuel-filled breakfast, and the breakfast image she just posted to Instagram proves she's certainly on her game. There's food porn, and then there's breakfast porn. Right now, Carrie Underwood is killing it.  While avo toast variations and yolk-ridden plates fill up Instagram, this singer posted a vegan breakfast recipe that will have your mouth watering. Carrie Underwood posts a vegan recipe that you have to try. Underwood opted for a whole-wheat sandwich thin over a bagel, and topped it off with a smear of Vegenaise, half an avocado, a slice of tomato, and just a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash on top. Not only does it  look and sound good, but it's certainly healthy as well. A low-calorie breakfast option it offers up healthy fat and protein, along with a burst of tasty and fresh flavors. Do you have any vegan breakfast recipes you love? Source: Popsugar

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