Want Your Food to Stay Fresh for Longer? Try These Hacks

It's a total drag to spend money on groceries and find that they've gone bad before you've had the chance to eat them up. Try these hacks to ensure you get the most out of your items. Wrap celery in tinfoil food hacks If you keep your celery in its original packaging, it will only last two weeks at the most. So, swap it out for aluminum foil, which allows the gas that spoils your celery to escape. Don't refrigerate tomatoes food hacks Doing so kills their flavour and juicy texture, since they don't do well in cold temperatures. Instead, keep them on a counter to ripen to their full potential. Put paper towels in the salad drawer. food hacks This will absorb the condensation from the vegetables. This excess moisture causes foods to wilt faster, so the paper towel will soak it up and allow you to enjoy your foods for longer. Put an apple in your potato bag food hacks Apples produce ethylene gas, which helps your potatoes to stay fresher and firmer. Wash berries in vinegar food hacks They're one of the most expensive fruits, and their expiration date approaches quicker than others. Give them a bath in 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water before you put them in the fridge. You'll eliminate  the mold spores and bacteria that turn them fuzzy this way. But, be sure to dry them off before you store them. Were these hacks helpful? Source: Cosmopolitan

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