Wanting to Quit ?? .... Give this a read first

Ok, to get toned and lean its all about low body fat - Whats that ?? It's not rocket science - it's eating the right foods that are healthy & are as clean as possible - i.e no hidden ingredients etc. If you are going to make a change in your life, with anything you do, you have to give yourself time & patience to get used to the changes you are making. Believe me - Some days ARE going to be harder than others, and yes you are going to fall of the wagon a few times along the way (& I am there to pull you back up) -  you are human after all  :) The difference now is that now everyday you have decided to make a conscious effort to make a positive change in your  current lifestyle, even if this is a small step, like drinking more water, or walking from the bus stop before your normal stop -This is still a HUGE step forward from your previous behaviour. I want you to remind yourself of this every-time you make a step towards the right direct on the path to your goal :) - Make a diary of you're progress each night with positive notes & reminders to remind yourself how far you have come  :) What you also have to remind yourself is that as much as we would all like it - anything you want to change won't happen overnight, and won't happen with YOU !! You are the change, you are the one who is going to make the positive decisions that are going to complete this transformation- it's could take up to a month of consistency, but I promise you it will be worth it & I know you can do this !!! Changes to your diet as this can effect everything, you may feel more tired - Remember you body only runs on what you give it to run on, so change's in your calorific intake and food choices you will defiantly be feeling more tired & maybe more 'hungry' at first, esp. if your moving more & burning more calories than before. This 'hunger' you feel is just your body craving all of those foods you are no longer abusing your body with as the quick fix to keep you satisfied for an hour or so. Your new food intake is full of vitamins and minerals and overtime the withdrawals will stop & your past eating habits will vanish, you're body  will start to use these new clean vitamin full foods to burn away fat and make you stronger, faster & so much healthier inside & out. Cravings - This is where YOU come in. When this happens you need to be so strong & believe in your strength - this is not magic or we would all look like supermodels right ? lol. My Advice, If you know you can't control the intake of it ... DO NOT BUY IT ... Easy !! There may be moments along the way where your body changes in size & shape etc ... We have talked about the scales & weight and why you shouldn't worry about this here. This is totally normal so don't worry :). By 4 weeks the only change you will only notice will be a positive one that will push you to just keep moving forward :) - you don't need to worry about those numbers if you are eating the right foods and moving everyday. I will make sure I post more about my diet etc in my Blog & on my Facebook to help you achieve your goals as quickly and painless as possible :) Most Important is you're Diet - You can't out train a bad diet !. We need to spend time filling our bodies with good fresh produce & lean proteins that help support all of your HIIT Training efforts and overall goal ... it doesn't take two weeks to gain all this weight remember - My advice, if you didn't do anything before, or were stuck in a rut, every single day you get up and do these short workouts with me or just move you're body in some way, & eat right you are already making a huge changes towards a positive lifestyle choice without even realizing it !! - So WELL DONE for this, I'm proud of you :) YES somedays it hurts, YES sometimes you just need to rest and listen to your body, YES your going to be hungry & craving all the things that don't support your training !! We have all been there,  and still are lol, we don't have a magic wand that makes up exempt from craving sweet things & treats, everyday it's a struggle to keep it consistent thats why we do it as a TEAM - we are stronger together ... but remember, it's all new and with everything new - it takes time. You have to give yourself time to learn how to change old habits and addictions. I want you to take a moment & decide what you want, do you want to improve your body ? be stronger more toned & overall feel healthier inside & out ? then you know what you need to do right ? It's time to make the CHANGE !!  :) - This is the first step in the right direction. yeeyyyyy !! How exciting is this !?! Love the body you have right now & start your first diary page by telling yourself that you are going to start making positive changes everyday, but that you are under no pressure to make it happen over night - it's a process of small steps towards a whole new lifestyle change. I promise you though ... The body you have right now is only going to get even better from day one. Enjoy the process of eating right, don't make it a chore, think of it as a game.. How can we make chickpeas taste great today lol.... (Garlic, herbs and spices are now your new friends) it's time to change your lifestyle TODAY. The added bonus is that you don't have to do it alone, we share everything online on Facebook etc. Share your journey with friends too, this will only help support you when you have to eat out, or if they are thinking of bringing in treats to work etc ... make sure you tell friends and family that you are making some changes to your lifestyle choices, this will only help you along the way :) you may even inspire others :) .... this isn't easy and its not just 'for girls' its a tough programme that will improve your whole lifestyle & fitness. Stay with me and keep strong and I will continue to give you 100% and in return you give me some of those positive steps everyday ?! - As regards to diet... there are examples of food plans on my Facebook ... if you see there’s a few healthy treats in there too :). This isn't hard, but it’s going to take will power and that’s where you come in... Please Don’t sit here just reading this, next month when you see people posting their sexy new bodies you will wish you had joined in !! - Two weeks will fly by, three will be a BLIP and in four weeks you will be a completely new person. This is a weight watchers, gym membership, personal workout, website, request programme, community, advice line and personal trainer all in one for FREE !! So there are no excuses !! We have HiitLite beginner programs up to HiitMax for those who want a Max Cardio Blast in their day. Check out all our programmes here. .... if you want it ... I'll help you 100% I am right with you!! Everyday!! ...... Come on now... let's not waste any more time wishing for that body you want ... Don't eat it, stick to the meals we know we should be eating everyday & let's push hard and keep on track until the finish line. wwhhoooosshhhhh ... L xx  

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