Why Washing Your Vagina Is A Bad Idea: Experts Explain

Countless feminine hygiene products have been marketed to women over the years; wipes, douches, sprays. All of which promising to keep you cleaner, fresher and, well...odour free. But new research reveals a shocking secret: cleaning your lady parts may do more harm than good.

These piles of products you encounter at the drugstore are designed to get rid of bacteria in your vagina. The bacteria is supposedly to blame for causing odours and potentially leading to infection. On the contrary, according to obstetrics and gynaecology specialist Dr. Iffath Hoskins, bacteria is there for a reason.

Think of your vagina as a sort of self-cleaning oven. The bacteria living down there are protectors of the area, while your vagina regulates itself and manages it's own pH balance to prevent infections. Douching, wiping or washing with any of those products can throw off it's natural processes and actually cause infections. It can also cause allergic reactions and irritations which is definitely something to avoid.

So to keep your hoo-ha healthy, don't wash it with any speciality soaps or "freshening" wipes. Use pure, soap-free warm water to gently clean it. If anything is concerning you about your vaginal health, always talk to your doctor to rule out any issues.

Curious about any other "health practices" that might actually be good for you? Let us know and we'll investigate!


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