Watch This Runner Crawl To The Finish Line and Still Come In Third Place

Hyvon Ngetich led most of the way in Sunday’s Austin Marathon. But the Kenyan wound up finishing third after crawling the final 400 meters to the finish line. Yes. Crawling.

After wobbling and staggering while trying to make some of the race’s final steps, the 29-year-old collapsed with two-tenths of a mile to go. She tried to get back up but was physically unable.

Medical officials rushed over and offered Ngetich a wheelchair to cart her off the course, but she refused. She sustained injuries on her knees and elbows as a result of pulling herself on the concrete, but finished in 3 hours, 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

[caption id="attachment_67816" align="alignnone" width="445"]Source: Twitter/@KEYEPhotogs Source: Twitter/@KEYEPhotogs[/caption]

Ngetich received medical attention after the race and was immediately treated for low blood sugar. Race director John Conley later adjusted her prize money to the same as the second-place finisher and called her "The toughest person on the planet". I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone out there who would argue that. Talk about an amazing feat BodyRocker's- is she an inspiration or what? Running a marathon is no joke, and Ngetich definitely shows us what perseverance looks like. Maybe we should think about this the next time we start complaining during one of our regular workouts (let's face it, we will still complain). Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts! H/T: ESPN

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