Watching Too Much Television Increases Your Risk for Diabetes

TV fans, the news isn't good. It has already been suggested that watching too much TV can make you feel lonely and depressed now we're hearing it can increase your risk for type-2 diabetes. A new study in Diabetologia has found that every hour of television you watch, your risk of getting type-2 diabetes increases by 2 to 3.4 percent. It isn't TV itself that is the problem, it is sitting down and not moving for hours at a time. The authors of the study looked at old research they had done that had shown people at high risk for diabetes avoid it when faced with a lifestyle intervention. The new study looks at the impact the lifestyle changes had on the amount of time spent sitting. People who developed more active habits, like working out in the morning or walking in the evening, also became less sedentary at work and home leading to less time spend in front of the TV. People who move more are naturally less likely to spend large amounts of time sitting, so it looks like the solution is to add a little motion to your day. Well, I had weekend plans of channeling Claire Underwood, my spirit animal, by binge watching House Of Cards but now I'm not so sure. Is this enough get you to shut off Netflix and go for a walk?

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