Water Pills: The Weight Loss Fad That Won't Go Away

If you've been around the health and fitness industry for awhile, you may already know what water pills are, and why you shouldn't be taking them for weight loss. But, if you are the average joe (or jane) looking for another quick way to lose weight, you may have been tempted to try them already. Water pills were not designed for weight loss. Let me repeat that again for emphasis: water pills were NOT designed for weight loss. With that being said, let's take a moment to break down for you what they are, and why you shouldn't consider taking them. [caption id="attachment_66603" align="alignnone" width="798"]1_5_10_1_WaterPills (Source: eKidneyClinic/U.S.D.V.A)[/caption] Water Pills Are: a Diuretic, and according to the MayoClinic, were designed to help treat a variety of health conditions such as: high blood pressure, glaucoma, edema, kidney problems, etc. Water Pills Work By: amping up the sodium (salt) in your urine, the sodium then removes water with it from your blood. Which in turn helps you to lose salt and water from your body, giving you a temporary weight loss. Why They Aren't Safe For Weight Loss: water pills make you urinate more (obviously), which can lead to dehydration (duh). They also negatively affect your potassium and cholesterol levels. If you are also combining your water pill taking endeavors with an active lifestyle, you are literally asking for trouble. And The Moral Of The Story Is: Don't do it. Seriously, just don't. Not only is it a huge waste of your money and time, but you will gain all of the weight back (and probably more). When fitness and medical professionals tell you that the healthiest and most long-lasting way to lose weight is to maintain an active lifestyle, and a balanced healthy diet--they mean it. So give up your temporary fixes already, and devote your energy (and money) to something that is sustainable and actually good for you. Still Don't Believe Us? Check out this video from an episode of The Doctors, maybe Jillian Michaels can convince you:

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