We Just Couldn't Keep This Bodyrock Fail (or win?) to Ourselves - It's Way Too Funny

So, you are all familiar with the outline of our HIIT blog and how our "Most Shared" posts are always easily accessible in the right hand side of your screen. Let us start by saying that we do not pick which posts go there, it is completely random. Well, today something hilarious and magical happened: two of our most shared posts made for one VERY interesting (and slightly inappropriate) picture. Since we at Bodyrock are certainly not shy about our dirty minds, we just had to share this hilariously coincidental HIIT Blog fail (or win...yeah...we're gonna go with "win") image Still not seeing it? Look at the hands on the men's groins - now look at the woman's arms. There you go. #Sorrynotsorry for our inappropriate humour. Screen-Shot-2015-04-29-at-9.38.44-PM

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