We Love Our BodyRock Community

We can't tell you enough how AMAZING it is to see all of your results, read all of your fitness stories and soak up the overwhelming positivity you guys put into this community. You are so supportive of each other and of us and trust us - we couldn't do it without you. All throughout, and now even after, Lisa's 30 Day Challenge, the messages just kept coming. And we are SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU. We are going to start sharing some of these amazing transformations and stories for the entire community to see. We love you BodyRockers. Don't ever stop.

This is BodyRocker Alin Müller's before and after

She definitely got the most out of her workouts and made those abs in the kitchen! Don't forget that it's not all about crunches and squats and presses - your diet is integral to your success. Click here and use our Nutrition Guide to ensure YOUR success.  

BodyRocker Autumn Garner Carson knows what we're talking about

"Hi Lisa! I just wanted to thank you for the workouts! I am a stay at home mom of 3! I can't afford a gym membership or a personal trainer. I have been doing your 30 day challenge and love/hate every minute of it! You are a blessing to soooo many of us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! After 3 kiddos, I am getting Abs again!! ((((Hugs))))"   We want MORE of your posts! Send them in to Lisa's Personal Facebook Page so that we can share ALL these fantastic stories!

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