What You Wear To Bed: Sleepwear That Turns Guys On

Sleepwear can do a lot to put you and your partner in the mood. Something sexy and silky can impact your sex-drive, while signalling to him that you want all eyes on you. Here are 7 sultry ideas for switching up your bedroom attire - and how he'll respond to you. #1 Classic Black Lingerie  Irina-Shayk-Yu-Tsai-Photoshoot-for-Esquire-20126 Nothing is sexier than this classic look, especially coupled with a pair of garters. Rocking this will have your man ripping it off you in seconds (so remember not to splurge too much on the price tag, it could get...damaged). #2 Thong  tong Thongs are hot, daring and don't leave much to imagination. Try a cute thong and matching bra set. One with a bow or little detail at the back is sexy and accentuating. #3 Bustier 07238660.interactive.a Super hot and shapely. An uplifting bustier will always make a woman feel great about her body. Remember, while he may love the way it looks, chances are he won't know how to take it off you. #4 Leopard Print candice Fierce and fabulously primal, leopard print will definitely capture his attention. You'll be suggesting some adventurous bedroom moves when you rock a hot animal print bra and panty set. #5 Sheer Nightie 248038-0054_1 Elegant and ultra feminine, a sheer nighty is another classic look that conveys a more sensuous vibe. Try a beautiful baby doll style for your intimate night. #6 Kimono Robe  Long Sleeve Chiffon Robe with Matching Thong This choice screams "I'm sensual and I'm comfortable". A silky smooth robe to slip into after a relaxing bubble bath will put you in the mood, and him too. #7 Nothing gallery-1432228994-nude The best way to turn your man on and have him practically begging for your body is to be super naughty - and wear nothing. ;) Let us know your favourite sleepwear picks! What do you like wearing to bed?

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