Weed-Fueled "Yoganja." Yeah, It's A Thing.

Pot yoga or yoganja is a real thing. This particular yoga practice includes supplementing your yoga with marijuana. This isn't a bring your bong and hot box the studio type of scenario, you are encouraged to light up before you arrive, but it is growing in popularity in legal or medicinally legal states. image1 "A growing number of yoga studios, in legal and medicinally legal states, are openly embracing the cannabis-exercise connection by offering 420-friendly classes that encourage students to participate 'under the influence,'" writes Cheri Sicard in Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women.    Marijuana may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of fitness but this blend makes more than a little senseto me. Yoga is a physical practice but it is also a spiritual one. Cannabis has been used for a VERY long time to promote enlightened experiences and quiet the mind. If you are curious and it is legal where you are, keep an ear to the ground (they are still mostly on the down low) for a 420 yoga class near you. Are you curious?

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