Week 2 Day 3 - Provocative Yoga - BodyRock Flow Workout

Hi Bodyrockers, Teshia is back today with BodyRock flow as a much needed mid-week stretch. We hope that you guys are taking advantage of the new Flow series as a means of becoming more agile and limber - working on your flexibility will vastly improve your BodyRock Burn and Sculpt workout performance and help you get the desired results you are working so hard to achieve. Please show your love by "liking" our posts - this simple act of support takes a second but helps spread the love :) We are working on a bunch of new initiatives here at BodyRock to make your daily workouts even better and easier to access - if you guys have any suggestions for the site, the videos or anything else for that matter please let us know in the comments below. Together we can make BodyRock the best online fitness movement - and your ideas, creativity and suggestions can help make that happen. This summer is when a lot of innovations and new features will be launching and we are constantly striving to bring you guys our best. The more you guys help us spread the word and share the love the better we can become. If you haven't shared us with your friends and family please take a second to "Like" our Facebook page here - it's the best way to show your support - and ensure that you never miss a workout :) Best, Freddy, Lisa & Sean

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The 30 Day Timetable: (*you complete all the tasks on each day - everything will be included in the daily post you need to complete each workout - so just check in everyday*) Tip: Depending on where you are in the world, It's handy to always work a day behind as somedays the videos include more content and do not go up until later :) Click Here to download a copy - Cross off the days to keep you on track :)) Note: There are paper copies of all the workouts available on Lisa-Marie's Facebook Page Here that you can print off to take with you.
 BodyRock Flow:
BodyRock Flow Workout Video: [wobreakdown] This months program incorporates: - Intense Total Body 'BodyRock Burn' Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss. - Specific Isolated Weighted 'BodyRock Sculpt' Program to run alongside the Burn & Flow Components - To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength - 'BodyRock Flow' - Improve strength, flexibilty and help create long lean & limber muscles to support the 'Burn & Sculpt' Workouts. - Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme. - Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track. - Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page: click here, Sean’s Facebook page: click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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