Weighing In On Protein Bars: Are They Good Food for Weight Loss?

Many weight loss experts will tell you that the key to losing weight is a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet and a regular exercise regimen. An important factor is to make sure you're staying within your individual calorie limit. For some fitness enthusiasts, they opt for low-fat options and supplements to ensure they don't tip the scale. protein bars One of the popular options out there is protein bars, as they're an easy meal replacement or snack when time is tight. They're the subject of controversy, however, as some swear by them while others believe they're filled with bad things. So what's the truth? Well, the answer is debatable. Not all protein bars are created equal, so when you're picking one out, it's good to know which are the sugar-filled types that just provide you with unnecessary excess calories. You need to take a close look at the ingredients as well as the nutrients, making sure that the amount of saturated fat doesn't break 3g. The fiber content should be at least 3g, sugar less than 10g, sodium less than 300mg, 0 trans fat, and around 10-12g protein, especially if you're using it as a meal replacer. If you're considering your bar a snack, then the protein should be around 6-8g. If it sounds exhausting scouring the aisles of the store for the right kind, try making them at home instead. And it's also important that you don't depend on protein bars wholeheartedly, as they should never be your primary source of nutrition intake. Do you make your own protein bars? What types of ingredients do you incorporate? Source: Z Living

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