Weight Gain Goals: This Woman Beat Anorexia

We hear a lot about weight loss goals being documented through social media, but little about weight gain. Mostly because it's associated with being unhealthy. But for one woman, this was exactly the opposite. weight gain In 2012, Amalie Lee was diagnosed with anorexia. Suffering from malnourishment, she had to become hospitalized. But a year later, she began to document the process of her recovery. The now 20-year-old student at Roehampton University in London, England uses her Instagram account to post pictures and selfies with motivational messages to prove that not only she can recover from anorexia, but so can anyone else out there struggling with the disease. "I have been documenting it from the start, and it's weird to look back," Lee said. "People follow me because I am real and honest." weight gain Though by the spring of 2014 Lee was considered to be healthy, her mental recovery has taken much longer than that. "The thought of spending the rest of my life alone, utterly consumed by an illness, eventually became more frightening than the thought of recovery," she explained. "I educated myself … I sat with all this knowledge, and I could not just keep it to myself when I knew I had many followers on social media who struggled with what I had been through." weight gain With over 58,000 followers on Instagram, Lee says that she is absolutely proud of her physical change. "I enjoy showing you my progress," she said on a recent photo. weight gain What do you think of her decision to share her recovery via social media? Source: Cosmopolitan   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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