The Weight Loss Blues - How to Prevent Post-Weight Loss Depression

You know all the benefits of shedding the pounds. Increased energy, increased overall health, decreased risk of disease, confidence. There is another side to weight loss we don't normally hear about, and that is post weight loss depression.   What? But after you trim your waistline aren't you supposed to be like those ladies in the weight loss commercials - wearing a sundress and twirling off the scale and taking to the streets to tell the world about your big accomplishment? A study conducted by University College London found 78% of people who lost weight reported some form of depression. This is usually caused by the perception that losing weight (while a highly beneficial process) will change every aspect of one's life. People find once they have lost weight, they still battle the same issues of insecurity, anxiety or loneliness. Weight loss is also a substantial change your body undergoes, and can throw your hormones out of whack and make you feel a range of emotions - including sadness. How to Prevent It  Getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet throughout the weight loss process is essential to good mental health. If your weight loss routine is isolating you from meeting with family and friends, talk to your doctor. Keep an open dialogue with your doctor about the way you're feeling and express any symptoms of depression you are experiencing. Have you ever experienced the weight loss blues? What did you do to help yourself?  

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