How Weight Loss Changed These Four Couples' Love Lives

Losing a significant amount of weight paves the way for a lot of changes in one's life, as well as their relationships with other people. And when it comes to your significant other, major weight loss can bring about positive and negative impacts on the partnership. These four couples opened up about what it was like for one partner to drop some serious pounds, and how it affected their love. 1. Kelly and Don Sorah weight loss Weight lost: Kelly lost a total of 115 pounds in about two years! Positive Impact: "When Kelly and I both decided that we needed to lose weight, we really motivated each other to keep making healthy choices. Since we have a small child, we had to learn how to collaborate better so that we could both fit exercise into our schedules and take care of our son. We didn't have as much downtime together, so we really started to miss each other. That made our shared time more special, though." —Don Negative Impact: "Don really helped hold me accountable while I was on my way to losing more than 100 pounds, and though that was nice, sometimes it was hard because I didn't always want to hear, 'Are you still hungry?' or 'Do you really need to eat that?'" —Kelly 2. Roxie and Peter McGillberry weight loss Weight lost: Roxie lost a total of 123 pounds in 13 months! Positive Impact: "Helping to motivate her to work toward her goal was something I really enjoyed. I encouraged her to go to the gym with me and helped push her during her workouts. I love that she feels more confident in herself. Sometimes, I look at her and can't believe how far she's come. I won't lie; I'm more attracted to her than ever." —Peter "Before I lost weight, all I wanted to do was sit at home and do nothing; I was very depressed. Now, Peter and I are always going to the gym together and pushing each other to keep up our healthy habits. After losing 122 pounds, my loose skin makes me self-conscious about being naked, but he's always super supportive about it and makes me feel good about myself." —Roxi Negative Impact: "There were some weeks when she was upset that she wasn't losing any weight, and it was really, really hard to see her go through that. I just tried to stay positive, but it didn't always help." —Peter 3. Elisha and Brian Villanueva weight loss Weight lost: Elisha lost a total of 82 pounds in about one year! Positive Impact: "Now that we're more active together, I would say that intimacy has definitely improved. It's probably because we actually both ended up losing weight after she set out to lose 80 pounds. We feel better about ourselves now. —Brian Negative Impact: "There was a period when Brian wasn't trying to get healthy with me, so I would have to cook separate meals for myself and he would bring soda into the house, which really annoyed me. I felt like he didn't understand how important living a healthy lifestyle was to me. That was stressful." —Elisha "When we get super busy and Elisha doesn't have time to work out, I do notice that she gets a little cranky, which is something that never happened before she started getting in shape." —Brian 4. Jennifer and Brett Downard weight loss Weight lost: Jennifer lost a total of 175 pounds in 18 months! Positive Impact: "Brett was really supportive when I set out to lose about 175 pounds. He encouraged me to skip the fast food and start eating home-cooked meals. He knew that I had tried a bunch of diets before that didn't work, and he told me I shouldn't give up and that I was losing weight to get healthy, live a longer life, and be able to keep up with our newly adopted son." —Jennifer "Before Jennifer started to lose weight, I would go on walks by myself, but now I really enjoy her coming with me. It gives us more time together, and it's been really cool to see her progress. When we first met, we went on a long hike together, and she could barely finish it. Recently, we did the same route with no problem at all." —Brett Negative Impact: "When I would question her for picking something that wasn't exactly healthy at the grocery store or going over her calorie intake, I felt like I was being mean, but I just wanted to be helpful because I knew that losing weight would make her healthier and happier overall."  —Brett Have you or someone you know lost a significant amount of weight and seen how it can positively and negatively impact a relationship? Source: Women's Health  

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