Weight Room Over Weight

I talk about body image A LOT. Body image can refer to a lot of different things, it can relate to eating disorders, societal pressures of beauty standards, transformation stories, and it can be a big or radical subject, or it can be a subtle everyday experience. Typically, this type of story is generally geared towards women, but body image is not a female issue – it’s a HUMAN issue. So, when I stumbled across this story of one man’s inspirational journey I knew it was time to share. It was at a dinner party on Dan Trink’s 25th birthday, 5 months before his wedding that he made the choice. He was 50 lbs overweight, and he says that he felt awful and looked worse. So he mumbled, “I think I’ve had enough,” and referring to much more than the food at the dinner party, this is where his transformative journey started. [caption id="attachment_59609" align="alignnone" width="376"]Dan Trink before Dan Trink before[/caption] Walking in blind, he made changes to his diet, massively increased his physical activity, and started seeing changes just two months in, losing 51lbs by his wedding. That was just the beginning. After the honeymoon, looking at pictures of himself he realized that he still didn’t look the way he wanted to. That’s when the research started – learning about nutrition and strength training, and applying it to his life. People started taking notice, and that’s what led to the next amazing step in his journey, becoming a personal trainer. He connected with Joe Dowdell at Peak Performance, did training, built a huge clientele, and ended up taking over as the Director of Training at Peak. [caption id="attachment_59607" align="alignnone" width="604"]DanTrink_Kettlebells_featured_0 Dan Trink after[/caption] This is such a crazy transformation – he didn’t have a firm plan, he just knew that he wanted to change, and he had the drive to get it done. You can read his whole story in his own words here – get ready to be inspired.    

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