Weight Training VS. Cardio - Which is More Effective?

In the first corner we have weight training! The physically testing, core strengthening fighter who promises to get you fit and toned. In the second corner we have cardio! The challenger who offers not only increased energy and muscle, but improved mental function. So which is the best workout for you? Weight Training Benefits:   1) Weight training can stop, prevent and reverse bone and muscle loss. It helps post-menopausal women prevent bone fracturing and boosts their bone density. 2) It can improve your posture, balance and coordination. 3) It can help you lose weight and keep it off. Weight training burns calories and boosts your metabolism, so you constantly increase how many calories you burn. This training of your body's caloric burning helps you maintain weight loss. Cardio Benefits:   1) Cardio elevates neurotransmitters in your brain to stabilize your mood, keep you focused and release any tension. It can make you think clearer and sharper. 2) It enhances your heart health by lowering your blood pressure. 3) It is proven to reduce your appetite and burn up calories. One more key benefit to cardio that weight training can't deliver is it's lack of recovery time. Cardio can be done several times a week, while weight training requires your sore muscles to rest. But which one is most effective for weight loss? Both! These two different types of exercise are effective at shedding pounds and keeping you healthy! Give both a try and find the workout mix that's right for you. Try them both. Let us know which workout you prefer!  

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