Weight Training Workout : Shoulders/Legs/Cardio

I had a later than usual workout last night due to a CPR class I had to take.  It got done early so there was time for me to squeeze in a workout.  I will admit, when I first started, I was SOOOO not into it.  Just started with a lack of motivation....stuck to it and ended up having an amazing workout with PR sets of leg press.  My motivational two cents is don't stop when it gets hard...use that as fuel to push through, find your mojo, and finish strong!!  You will always be glad you did!! I decided to combine shoulders and legs and went heavy.  I knew I wouldn't make it to the gym for a few days so I made the most of the time that I had.  This workout took me an hour to complete.   IMG_9217[1]   Shoulders/Legs/Cardio ***Weights listed are what I used and are only included to help me track my progress.  Reduce or increase weight to suit YOUR level.*** Circuit 1 :: Repeat 3x 10 Reps Plate Raises @25 lbs 10 Reps Woodchop L using 10 lb medicine ball 10 Reps Woodchop R using 10 lb medicine ball 10 Reps Burpee Lunge (5 L/R) (30 Seconds Rest between sets) Circuit 2 :: Repeat 3x 8 Reps Shoulder Press using 25 lb. dumbbells 3 Reps, each leg, Pistol Getups using 5 lb. dumbbell 40 Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 backward, 10 forward, 10 backward) using 5 lb. dumbbells 20 Side to Side Squats using Bosu (30 Seconds Rest between sets) Superset 1 :: Repeat 3x 10 Reps Squat @ 135lb. (last set hold a 2 sec pause in low squat) 10 Box Jumps (last set perform 5 Reps Burpee, 2 Pushups, Box Jumps) (30-45 Seconds Rest between sets) Superset 2 :: Repeat first portion 3x and second portion 2x 5 Reps Leg Press @400 lbs. 15 Squat Touchdowns (Rest 30-45 seconds between sets) Repeat 3x 16 Reps Leg Press @200 lbs. (8 keeping foot position wide, 8 pulse with a narrow foot position) 15 Squat Touchdowns (Rest 30-45 seconds between sets) Repeat 2x Finish with 15 minutes of steady-state cardio (treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, etc.)   For more workouts like this click here

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