Weightlifting at 8 months Pregnant and the Consequences

In the age of social media and the "viral" post, normal people can find themselves at the center of a media hailstorm.  When others believe that they have a right to rail against the personal choices of another.  Such was the case with Lea-Ann Ellison, a Los Angeles based mother of three.  She triggered the firestorm of hate mail when she was pictured weightlifting at 8 months pregnant. 1 And these were the photos. 3   Lea-Ann looks incredible no matter where you approach from.  She hasn't put on the extra weight often associated with pregnancy, except where obvious, and continued the lifestyle that she enjoyed previously. The Daily Mail even posted a quote from  the Royal College of Midwives spokesman Janet Fyle said: 'She's quite far along in her pregnancy so there can't really be any problem with it, and if she's always done weightlifting I don't think it would suddenly bring on early labour.  Obviously we aren't advising pregnant women to take up weightlifting if they've never done it before, but if she's used to the exercise it's OK.  We always say if women were riding bikes or going to the gym before they were pregnant they can continue to do so, they just need to tell their instructor they are pregnant and then they can adjust the exercises.  I understand why people might be concerned, but if the woman doesn't want to stop doing her exercise that's fine.' Lea-Ann sparked a deluge of over 16,000 comments that ranged from hatred that she was supposedly "endangering the life of her child because she was selfish" to others who praised her ability to keep exercising.  Numerous studies have found that babies of women who exercise are better off when it comes to their birth because 'foetuses of exercising women may tolerate labour better than those of non-exercisers,' according to The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) And on November 7th Lea-Ann posted something more for all of her "haters." 2 A 7lb 3 ounce little boy named Skyler, born without any complications or mal-effects. Pregnancy is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and should never be considered easy in any way.  Although reading on Mrs. Ellison and the hate that poured out on her mystified me.  Every day children are aborted because of a mother's choice to do so, yet when a mother chooses to maintain a fitness regimen somehow it becomes tantamount to overtly hurting your child. This is in no way an argument for or against abortion but rather that we stand back and be consistent in our beliefs and actions.  Eating a wholly unhealthy diet during pregnancy is much more likely to have harmful effects on an unborn child than weightlifting sessions a few days a week.  More love, less judgement. Visit Rachael's personal blog: threerights.wordpress.com

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