Why The Well Dressed Man Always Gets The Girl

It has been proven that how a man presents himself physically can have a dramatic impact on your attraction to him. We reveal why the sharp dressed man will allure your interest over the dude who dresses not to impress. 


If he looks good, he feels good

Ever throw on a blazer, a great pair of heels or a vibrant lip colour and feel like you can conquer the world? It's the same for guys. Whether it's an accessory like a gold watch or a whole suit, looking the part makes him feel the part.


Style is linked to success

Nothing attracts our eye quite like a man who looks in charge, in control and successful. Especially, if he doesn't just leave his business attire at the office. We notice freshly dressed dudes who know how to keep it classy at the bar, at a cafe or in any aspect of life. You know that guy who rocked a slightly unbuttoned collared shirt you passed by on the street? What are the chances you would rather grab a coffee with him then the guy slumming it in baggy shorts and his favourite graphic tee?

Dressing right means acting right

He may dress like a gentlemen, but what really has us swooning is when he acts like one too! You want your clean cut date to grab the door, grab the bill and grab your heart with some interesting conversation.



What hot fashion look do you love on a man? Is it a sleek business suit? A crisp polo? A pulled back man bun? Let us know!

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