We'll Never Be Royals (real time Blackjack workout)

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I get asked a lot of questions about how to get stronger and leaner really fast.  I can tell you what I did and hopefully this helps.  First off, it takes a lot of work, HARD work to get stronger.  By hard work, I mean you must be consistent and you must push yourself as hard as you can.  Increase the number of reps every time you work out.  Increase the weight that you are using.  My sandbag weighed 15 pounds when I first started.  Three years later, my sandbag weighs 38 pounds.  That is the only way you can get stronger.  To get leaner, you need to watch your caloric intake.  The percentages from my personal perspective, eating is 70% important and working out is 30%.  All of this being said, you need to be patient.  Nothing happens overnight.  When you do it the right and healthy way, it takes time. I also get asked frequently about my diet and how I eat.  I used to eat less calories back when I had weight to lose.  Now that I have gotten to my ideal weight and I've sped up my metabolism with HIIT workouts, I can afford to eat more calories.  That's the payoff for working my butt off!!  There are rules I live by...and I break the rules sometimes because I enjoy food and we all should indulge once in a while!!  I don't eat fast food.  I also do not eat late at night.  Those are the number one things I am consistent with.  Don't get me wrong, I will eat fast food, say if my family and I are on a road trip and that is all there is to eat, but I will find the healthiest option on the menu.  I will also eat at night on occasion.  I never say never, but it is not a habit.  Living by those two rules can really make a difference in changing your body.  And always eat in moderation. Grab your sandbag and be ready for one of the most challenging workouts I've ever put together!!  This workout is called Blackjack because each round of the exercises will equal 21.  It took me 50 minutes to complete, so make sure you plan accordingly!  Not my typical 20 minute routine!  You will only be doing 2 exercises. 1. Monkey Donkey Burpees 2. Sandbag Squats (Go as HEAVY as you can!!!) The format goes like this 20 Monkey Donkey Burpees, (MDB) 1 Sandbag Squat (SBS) then 19 MDB 2 SBS then 18 MDB 3 SBS then so on and so on til you finish with 1 MDB and 20 SBS **BEGINNERS** Start with 10 Monkey Donkey Burpees and 1 Sandbag Squat.  Continue going back up if you can!!  Push yourself as HARD as you can!!! This is how I wrote it down and I crossed each round off as I went along because I would forget and I didn't want to cheat!! Never Royals pic I hope you enjoy this workout and please post your comments below and tell me your times!!!!!!

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