The Simple Way to Lose Weight (In the Shower)!

It seems there is a little trick for everything to help you lose weight. Now you can even lose weight in the shower.

How many of us really like that cold shower? After working out, yes, but any other time? Well, it is time to start liking them. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows taking cold showers can aid in your weight loss journey.

First you need to know that there are two different types of fat in the body. "White fat", the kind we gain from eating too much and eating bad foods. And "brown fat" is the healthy kind that keeps our bodies warm.

This "Brown fat" also plays a large role in the function of the metabolism. By taking a colder shower you are making the brown fat work, as it tries to heat up your body. As your body works to heat up it is activating your metabolism, essentially giving it a kick start. This will help you lose some weight in addition to your regular diet and exercise plan.

So next time, instead of cranking up the heat in the shower have a cold one! You're not only saving on your bills but working towards a better body!


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