What All Dads Should Be Doing

Father of two, Doiyn Richards, took one of the ultimate selfies while taking care of his children and it turned into a storm of viral proportions.  Doiyn was on paternity leave with his two daughters and maintains the blog, Daddy Doing Work. The photo combines all the elements worthy of a viral post.  Race, fatherhood, parenting, interracial couples.  The photo happened when his wife had to go to work and he told her he would do their oldest's hair while having the baby in the carrier.  His wife cheekily told him that she'd believe it when she saw it.  And so it happened. When asked by Kate Couric in his interview whether he was surprised by the way the photo went viral, Doiyn said no.  Some of the comments on the photo ranged from moms and dads that were so appreciative and congratulated him, to comments that he was probably a deadbeat, to give the kids back to their mom, and that the kids were probably rented. The internet backlash against the wonderfully loving photo is incredibly indicative of our own culture.  There remains the belief that fathers aren't capable of all that mothers do to take care of their children and the flip side that men are capable they are just lazy and don't care to do the work. article-2535899-1A7F7D5200000578-50_634x973 Doiyn also told Katie Couric that he hoped the picture would spark a conversation and about fatherhood and the role that fathers have in raising their children and getting more changing rooms in the men's restrooms.  Fathers are supposed to be a big part of their children's lives, they shouldn't take a back seat.  Fathers are supposed to be their son's and daughter's hero, the guy they think hung the moon.

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