What are you wearing to workout?

Yes, all of us that have been training for a while know it does matter. Good shoes are necessary to keep your knees safe from all the squats and jumps, and we girls know how sports bras with a nice structure can make a difference for a good workout session. But hey, if we’re gonna do it, why not do it with style? Here are a few trends you can add to your workout Looks : Go Neon clothes workout bodyrock -Neon: it’s  been one of my favorite trends for these past two seasons, and I can see it still coming back. And it’s been everywhere: on sneakers, sports bras, leggings, you pick! So if you’re not comfortable with a whole shinny outfit, just add a little detail here and there!   Go leggings clothes workout bodyrock   -Leggings: they are top In right now, specially the galaxy leggings that all of us fashion bloggers are wearing!  You can create whole outfits with them, but I find that they are amazing to work out with: they are stretchy and the fit is so great!   Go cut out shirts clothes workout bodyrock -Cut out T-Shirts and Cropped Tops: what’s so great about these is that they are so cute and you can do it by yourself! There are a lot of DIYs out there and you can get an old ugly looking shirt and make something that you can actually wear ;) From cropped tops, to cut out Tees and sweatshirts, all you need to do is get creative!   Xoxo

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