What Does Your Acne Say About Your Health?

There might be more to your acne breakouts than just oily skin. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the location of your acne can be a reflection of different health problems you might have. In particular, stress or poor diet could be the culprit.

Find out what your acne says about you:


If you’re prone to acne on your forehead, this might indicate you have a poor diet.

Try eating less processed and fatty foods and drink plenty of water to keep your digestive system healthy. Foods that are high in sugar can be problematic.


If you regularly find breakouts on your cheeks, stress might be the cause.

It is believed that acne on the cheeks could also be related to the health of your respiratory system. If you smoke or have allergies, you might see more acne in this area.

Try incorporating more greens into your diet to combat cheek acne.


If the most common place for your acne is around your mouth and on your chin, this is likely related to hormones as well as stress.

Lack of hydration can be a factor, so drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough sleep each night.


If you get those painful zits around your nose, this could be linked to poor diet and digestion health.

Toxins, such as excess hormones and free radicals, which cause inflammation and acne, can be relatively controlled by what you eat. Making healthy dietary changes can have an improvement.


EAT: More vegetables (greens are best) and fruit

AVOID: Excess sugar, too much dairy, chocolate, caffeine, soda, fatty, fried, and processed foods

Source: Daily Mail

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